Advantages of Steel Structures

Engineers have developed many techniques to leverage the advantages of steel as a building material. With the increased utility and variety, customers choose steel buildings because of their many advantages in initial cost savings as well as long-term cost of ownership.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing your next building project:
Design options. From aviation hangers to warehouses and office buildings, the prefabricated building components can be assembled into virtually endless designs and applications. They offer flexibility for expansion and renovation at much lower costs than traditional structures, especially if that is an option designed into the original project.

Finished appearance. Advances in cladding and steel facades leave many people unaware of the fact that a building is constructed of steel. If desired, a steel building can have a traditional appearance. Many different finishes and colors allow a custom look to each structure.

Construction costs. Prefabricated components bring efficiencies in material cost and construction. One of the more attractive advantages to many companies needing a new building is the speed with which a building can be constructed. From initial design, to site preparation, to occupancy, the construction time can be substantially less than with traditional building methods.
Durability. The ruggedness and durability of steel buildings make them the best choice for many uses. In areas of high winds or difficult soil conditions, steel buildings are practical

Cost of ownership. In addition to initial cost savings, ongoing maintenance costs are significantly lower with steel building systems. With proper insulation, energy costs are often much lower than the alternative construction. Normal maintenance issues are lower due to steel being impervious to many of the problems found with traditional construction.

Environmental factors. Steel buildings are environmentally friendly. Less energy is used in the manufacturing of the building material. Construction methods use less energy, and steel is a completely recyclable building material.