Lucas Holmquist

I have worked with Pro Builders for approximately 3 years. I am confident when working with them that I will receive consistent customer support from a knowledgeable company who is able to produce quality work while meeting the projects scheduled needs. We have worked on over 9 projects in that short amount of time, including El Katif Shriners, Utility Trailer, Greenacres Nursery, Ag Enterprises, and three separate buildings for Avista Utilities, Speedco and R’nR RV. We look forward to working on many more projects together in the future.

Dan McDonald

“Pro Builders was chosen by us for their competitive prices and quality work. They stand behind the finished product, and gave constructive, reasonable suggestions to complete each project. Pro Builders is very helpful in getting us what we need.”

Terry Peters

“Pro Builders, owned by Terry McDonald, is an excellent company with which to conduct business. They have constructed several steel buildings for our company from 1988 to present. Their commitment to quality staying within time strictures and consistently being open to our special needs is very much appreciated by Seeds Inc.
We know we have a choice of construction companies, but Pro Builders is first choice with us every time. Terry McDonald has always stood behind his company’s buildings but after this winter of crushing snows, he would not hesitate to stand in them as well!”

Bill Felsted

“Pro Builders built a barn for us. They performed in a professional manner. The work was completely quality and timely. I want to recommend highly!”

Tim Steinbrecher

“I have worked with Terry McDonald on numerous projects for over fifteen years. We negotiate with Pro Builders to erect nearly all of our pre-engineered steel buildings because they perform consistently well. In addition to their excellent performance, we find that Terry is a fair and honest businessman with whom we can always quickly and amicably settle any issues that might arise. It is a pleasure to work with Pro Builders on our projects.”

Sage Williamson

“Pro Builders has been a great company to work with. They are always the first people we call with all our metal building questions. They are friendly, and are dedicated to making sure they fulfill their commitment to you! We have loved working with Pro Builders.”

Ryan Daley

“Pro Builders took on a complex, heavily-designed project for ABC Mini Storage, and exceeded our expectation of quality. The feedback from our customers has been entirely positive, and we intend to use Pro Builders again. It is a quality company, one that stands by its word.”

John Carey

“I would like to thank and recommend the services of Pro Builders to anyone in need of their services and looking for a professional company in which to partner with to accomplish their projects. Terry and the entire group at Pro Builders came to our rescue at a moment’s notice and accomplished clearing off our roof in less than a week, right before a potentially dangerous rain storm that would have made matters worse. Again, thank you to their entire team for saving our building and hundreds of jobs.”

Kenny Johansson

“As the construction of the Wenatchee Public Works Facility is nearing completion, we would like to thank you for your valuable contribution to the success of this project. The work that you and your team performed reflects an exceptional level of professionalism and is very much appreciated. Your thoroughness and cooperation with other trades were key elements which helped to keep the project on schedule and running smoothly.”

Joe & Lola Sample

“Terry McDonald, of Pro Builders built us an 86 x 220 indoor riding arena. There were several special things we wanted done and Terry was a delight to work with and his insight and knowledge was invaluable in getting the finished product we wanted, highly recommend.”

Gary D. Bremer

“We have done business with Pro Builders since 1996 when at that time they built our first building which was 30,000 sq. ft. In 2005 we added 15,000 sq. ft. to the existing building. The next project completed in 2008 was 33,000 sq. ft. Our latest project with them was an additional 34,00 sq. ft. We would strongly recommend Pro Builders to anyone who is interested in a building.
Pro Builders are very knowledgeable and accommodating to meet our building needs. Every project had expected dates when each phase was to be completed, even with weather delays Pro Builders was certain to make sure the project was completed in a timely manner.”